Monday, November 9, 2015


It is a traditional sweet made during Diwali by Keralities.  For the first time I tried this with the help of recipes posted in net, which came out very well.  I wanted to share this recipe, which I prepared in a very easy manner.  Let us now see the ingredients and the method for preparing this sweet.
Ingredients required:
  1. Channa dal/kadalai paruppu – 200 gm
  2. Grated jagerry-200 gm
  3. Grated coconut-3 table spoons.
  4. Ghee 200 gm
  5. Cashews and resins as required.
  6. Cardamom powder a pinch.


In a pan dry fry channa dhal till you get a nice aroma.  Pressure cook channa dhal using minimum water, just fill water unit channel dhal is immersed.  Allow two whistles.  In the meanwhile melt jaggery using 100 ml water and remove the impurities by straining it.  After straining jaggery water allow it boil until it becomes sticky, lower the flame and add grated coconut and keep the flame very low.  Now remove the cooked channa and drain the water well, and allow it to cool, put it a mixture and make it to coarse powder.  Now add grounded channa power little by little and occasionally stir it, add ghee little by little, keep the flame low.  When the channa dhal starts to break down add fried cashews,  resins and cardamom powder.  When the mixture starts to appear like puttu, remove from flame and allow it to cool.  Store in a airtight container and serve for the festival.