Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jack fruit Kheer.

Jack fruit kheer or payasam

This is a easy method for preparing this jack fruit (palapazam) kheer. This recipe was learnt from my grandma.

1. Jackfruit slices 10 nos.
2. Powdered Jaggery 2 cups.
3. Boiled milk 500 ml.
4. Coconut milk one cup.
5. Cashew 10 gm.
6. Resins few.
7. Ghee two teaspoons.
8. Cardamom powder, a pinch

Method: Cut jack fruit into small pieces and cook till soft. Dissolve jaggery in water and strain and boil along with jackfruit till the raw smell of the jaggery goes. In a low fire add coconut milk and allow it to boil for a second. Remove from fire and add boiled milk and stir well. Fry broken cashew nuts and resins in ghee and add to the kheer. Add cardamom powder and close the vessel. Allow it to cool a little. Serve hot or cold. Try it for Tamil New Years day and enjoy.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

A special dish for diabetics.

Oats Idly.

Ingredients required:
1. 1/2 cup rava.
2. 1/2 cup powdered oats.
3. 3/4 cup curd.
4. One teaspoon salt.
5. Water for mixing the contents.
6. Gingili oil one tablespoon.
7. Mustered seeds one teaspoon.
8. Bengal gram, one teaspoon.
9. Urud dhal, one teaspoon.
10. Asafetida powder, a pinch.
11. Curry leaves, 5 to 6.

Method: Mix rava, powdered oats curd salt and add water little by little to mix well. Soak it for one hour. Then heat oil in a pan, allow mustered seeds to pop, then add Bengal gram, urud dhal, curry leaves few powdered asafetida a pinch and mix well. Pour the contents to the idly plate and steam for 5 minutes. Serve hot with tomato chutney or Pudina leaves chutney.

Source: From Tamil Monthly.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rice flakes Mix.

Aval (Rice flakes) Uppuma

1. Aval (riceflakes): 200 gm.
2. Onion: 1 no (big one).
3. Salt: 1 1/2 teaspoon.
4. Turmeric powder: 1/2 teaspoon.
5. Refined oil: Two tablespoon.
6. Mustered seeds: 1 teaspoon
7. Urud dhal: 2 teaspoon.
8. Asafetida powder: 1 pinch.
9. Grated coconut: 2 tablespoonful.
10. Green chillies: 2 Nos.
11. Fried gram (pottu kadalai): 2 tablespoon.
12. Few curry leaves.

Method: Wash and soak aval for 15 minutes. After the water is fully absorbed add turmeric powder, salt and mix well with aval. Cut onion to desired shape. Place a pan on the stove, pour oil and heat. Add mustered seeds, after it pops, add urud dhal, when the dhal changes to brown color, add onion and fry well till it becomes golden brown, add aval and in a low fire stir well. Powder Fried gram, grated coconut and green chillies. Then add to the aval contents. Add some curry leaves for good smell. Now tasty aval (rice flakes) Uppuma is ready. Serve hot.

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Milk and coco sweet

Chocolate Burfi

Milk powder 500 gm
Coco powder 50 gm
Sugar 750 gm
Butter 250 gm

Method:Mix milk powder and coco powder in a dry bowel without lumps. Dissolve sugar in a pan and keep it on fire. Wait till the sugar syrup comes to one string consistency. Add butter, stir well till melted. Remove the pan from fire. Add the milk and coco mixture, stir well till the contents leave the sides. Pour the contents on a greased plate. Add some cashew and almond pieces. Allow it to cool a little. Cut into diamond or square pieces. Yummy chocolate burfi is ready.

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