Monday, March 16, 2015



1.       Raw rice – 200 gm
2.       Boiled rice – 200 gm
3.       Salt – 1 teaspoon
4.       Coconut paste - two table spoon.

Soak raw rice and boiled rice for 2 – 3 hours.  Take this to a mixture and grind it to a smooth paste, add salt and mix well.  Keep it over night.  Add  coconut paste and mix well. In a kadai, specially designed for making aapam add little gingili oil and grease well.  After heading aapa kadai pour one ladle of flour and turn the kadai to make a clock wise circle, so that the flour will spread in the kadai, add  ½ spoon gingili oil and cover the kadai for 2 -3 minutes, now the aapam is ready to serve with black channa kurma/curry. You can also have coconut milk as a side dish for aapam but health watchers can have it with black channa kurma.

1.       Black channa (black kondai kadalai) – 150 gm
2.       Coriander seeds – 1 tablespoon
3.       Red chillies – 4-5
4.       Refined oil for cooking
5.       Ginger garlic paste – 1 teaspoon
6.       Onion -1 medium size.
7.       Tomato – 3 medium size,
8.       Powdered fried gram, 2 teaspoon (optional)
9.       Cinominon and cloves  one or two

Soak black channa overnight and pressure cook it.  Heat a pan and add one 1 teaspoon cooking oil and fry red chillies and coriander seeds till you get a good aroma and keep it aside.  Now add 3 teaspoon of cooking oil and add cinominon and cloves and fry for a second.  Add finely cut onion and sauté well till it becomes transparent and add mashed tomatoes and add turmeric powder, required amount of salt and sauté well till the tomatoes are cooked.  Add cooked channa and allow them to boil, now power the ingredients  and add to the channa kurma, when you do not get the thickness you may add powdered fried gram and mix well without lumps, remove from fire and decorate with coriander leaves,  Now your channa kurma/kadalai curry is ready to serve with aapam.

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