Friday, October 2, 2015



1. Cooked rice-2 cups
2. Raw rice powder-required amount.
3. Salt-required qty.
4. Coriander leaves-2 table spoon
5. Hinge-a bit
6. Water ¼ cup
7. Oil or ghee-required qty.

Blend cooked rice in a mixer and then add required quantity of rice powder, salt, hinge and finely chopped coriander leaves and knead well without adding much water.  The dough should be like ball.  Heat a thava and wet you hands and make orange sized balls out of the dough, then pat it on the thava with your hands gently to make roti, then pour little oil or ghee to the roti, flip it to the other side and cook adding little oil or ghee.  Remove from fire and serve with your favorite korma or tomato chutney.

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