Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bread sweet balls.

Bread Jamun (Bread balls in sugar syrup)

What will you do with the bread that was kept in refrigerator that became hard eat? Here is a tasty sweet that you can make out of it.

Bread slices: 5 or 6
Sugar: two tumblers.
Water: Two tumblers.
Cardamom powder: a pinch.
Rose essence: 2 drops.
Ghee: 3 tablespoonfuls.


Cut the brown portion of the bread slices. Sprinkle water and make the slices to a dough Make lemon sized balls out the dough. Place a thick vessel on the stove, add water and sugar and allow it boil till the sugar syrup becomes sticky and allow the syrup to cool a little. Fry the bread balls in ghee (only 3 tablespoons of ghee is required) in low fire till it becomes light brown and keep it on tissue paper so that excess ghee will be absorbed by the paper. Drop the fried bread balls slowly into the syrup. Add cardamom powder and rose essence. Wait till the bread absorbs the syrup. Serve in cups along with sugar syrup. Now yummy bread Jamun is ready to eat.


  1. I love Indian food! So I can learn a lot by following this blog!

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  2. Thank you Shey for your comments. I will also follow your blogs and learn much about your place, your lifestyle everything. Have a great day.

  3. First I must say Thank you for visiting my blog I also will like to follow yours as well. As someone who really loves Indian food I find your recipes to be very helpful. Even though I can't lol
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  4. Excellent recipee.I shall try it.

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  7. Nice recipe ma'am, my mouth is watering now :)