Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gooseberry instant pickle

Gooseberry instant pickle


1. Gooseberries: 10-15
2. Salt: 1 teaspoon
3. Powdered asafetida a pinch
4. Red chilly powder 5 teaspoon
5. Mustered oil: 3 teaspoon
6. Fenugreek (powdered) 1 teaspoon.
7. Mustered seeds: 1 teaspoon
Method:Allow two ½ liter of water with one teaspoon salt, when the water boils add gooseberries and switch off the stove and cover the content with the lid. After one or two hours strain the water and remove gooseberry seeds and cut the gooseberries into small pieces. Heat mustered oil in a pan, allow mustered seeds to pop, remove from fire, add the cut gooseberries, add required salt, chilly powder, and asafetida powder and fenugreek powder. Allow it to cool. Preserve in fridge. You can have yummy lunch with this along with curd rice.

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