Thursday, July 15, 2010

Masal Bread


1. Sandwich bread: 6 slices.
2. Green chillies: 4
3. Fried grams: 3 tablespoonfuls
4. Coriander leaves: One small bunch
5. Salt for taste.
4. Tamarind juice: one teaspoon
5. Finely cut big onion (medium sized): 2 nos.
6. Sunflower oil or ghee for toasting the bread.

Method of preparation:
Grind green chillies, fried grams, coriander leaves, salt, tamarind juice and onion pieces and make into a paste. The conents should be like a batter so that it could be easily spread on the bread slices. Spread the same on both sides of the bread and heat a pan greased with oil or ghee. Toast both sides using oil or ghee. Toast on medium flame so that the contents should not stick to the pan. Serve hot with tomato sauce. This is ideal for breakfast and it is very healthy too.

Source: Self

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  1. its a tempting n healthy recipe geethaji ...masala bread looks delicious n must be very tasty ...thanks for sharing...


  2. Simple yet healthy.