Saturday, July 30, 2011


Ingredients Required:

  1. Green gram (Pasi paruppu): 600 gm

  2. Raw rice: 300 gm

  3. Red chillies: 4 nos.

  4. Green chillies: 3 nos.

  5. Gingilee oil: 100 gm

  6. Asafetida: 1 pinch


Soak green gram, rice, red chillies and green chillies for two hours and grindly coarsely and make it to dosa batter, add salt and asafetida for taste. Apply gingilee oil to dosa pan and make dosas, serve them hot with tomato chutney, curd or jaggery (vellam).

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  1. This looks great! I love enjoying this with the chutney. Great balance between sweet and savory. I just had some of the best naan at this place in Queens, NY - definitely one of the
    best places to eat in New York ! Thanks for sharing.